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USD. Br. Monographs

THE Western Tradition

Herbal Monographs

Acacia BP 1958

The Pharmageddon Herbal

By Common Name  By Latin Name
Achillea USD 1926

The Pharmageddon Block index

Artichoke   Absinthium BPC 1934
Almond Oil USD Br. The Pharmageddon Chapters 1 - 3 Beth Root Achillea Millefoli
Aloe sp. Br. The Pharmageddon Chapters 4 - 6 Bittersweet Adiantum
Anacardium-Cashew USD The Pharmageddon Chapters 7 - 9 Bleeding Heart Alchemilla vulg
Anagallis arvensis USD  The Pharmageddon Chapters 10 - 11 Blueberry Allium cepa L
Apii  Fructus USD 1926  Spagyric Pharmacy Chapter 12 pt 1. Blue curls   Allium sativum L.
Arnica Flos. USD 1926 

Spagyric Pharmacy Chapter 12 Pt 2

Burdock   Althaea
Aromatic Waters USD 1926

spagyric pharmacy Chapter 12 pt3

Butterbur Anthemis nobilis
Beeswax USD Br Monograph Damiana's Tutorial Index  Buttercup   
Benzoin USD Br. Cassia Fruit  


Belladonna. B.P. 1958   Chamomile     Avicennia officinal
Bitters - Martindales's 24th Site Tutorials. Club Moss  Berberis  Aquafol
B.P. 1932 Equiv. Formula Bach Flower Remedies Colocynth Calendula Off.
Buchu USD 1926             Clinical Trials, Coltsfoot   Cannabis sativa, L.
Camphora Martindales 24th   Conservation and Cooperation Corn Flower Cassia fistula
Cannabis Martindales 24th Br   Death by Medicine Cudbear Castanea vesca
Cannabis sativa L. USD 1926 Dehydration Cumin  Centaurea Cyanus L
Capsicum - Martindale's 24th Dehydration Apparatus Daffodil   Chimaphila
Caraway USD 1926   Elements of Herbal Pharmacy Dandelion  Citrull colocynthi
Cardamom USD Br. Elements - Homeopathic Pharmacy Dead Nettle  Cochleria armoraci
Castanea N.F. USD 1926   Extraction of Herbal Material Delphinium Convallaria
Cherry Laurel B.P.C. 1949   Extraction Apparatus Echinacea Cuminum cyminum. L
Clove. Caryophyllus. USD1926  Extraction Products Elder NF Cynara Scolymus L.
Chondrus. Irish Moss USD 1926    Freedom or Pharmageddon? Elderberry Dicentra Eximia
Cinchona. Martindale's 24th   Homeopathy Fenugreek Digitalis Purpurea
Cinnamon USD Br. Let there be light Feverfew   Dracontium
Cocaine USD Br. Modern Medicine 50 years on. Fig  Dulcamara
Cocoa Butter-Theobroma   New Zealand & Herbal Medicine 1. Foxglove Echinacea angusti
Coconut Oil Martindale�s 24th New Zealand & Herbal Medicine 2. Fumitory   Epilobium 
Coffee (Coffea Tosta) NF USD  Pasteur Or Bechamp Part 1 Garlic Equesitum
Colchicum BP 1958   Pasteur Or Bechamp Part 2 Grape Ficus caria 
Colouring Agents Martindale Pharmacy of Herbs Holly Frageria
Convallaria USD 1926 Synergy & Posology Honeysuckle 


Crataegus � Martindale's 24th Te Rangi Hiroa. An appreciation.   Hops   Gaultheria Shallon
Decoctions. USD 1926.   Herbal Healing Horehound    Humulus 
Demulcents.Veg. Martindales  The Medical Sausage Machine Horseradish  Hyacinth nonscript
Denston�s Indian Hemp Kitchen Medicine KaT Morgenstern Horsetail Hydrangea arbores
Digitalis BP � Martindale's 24 Hydrangea.   Ilex Aquifolium L
Ephedra BP 1958  

Extra Reference

Indian Pipe Ilex paraguar  

Epilobium USD 1926  

Acetic Perfumes. Beasley 1872 Iris/Blue Flag Iris versicolor
Ergot Martindales 24th Amber U.S.D. 1926  Kinikkinnik Lamium purpurea L 
Essential Oils Martindales  Ambergris USD 1926   Kowhai Lappa Arctium  
Eucalyptus Oil USD 1926  Anatomic Terms and Images Ladies Mantle Laurus nobilis

Expectorants Martindales 24

Arrow Poisons. USD 1926  Lavender  Lonicera Caprifolia
Ficus/Fig U.S.D. 1926  Australian Volatile Oils  2 Parts Lily of Valley Lobelia Inflata 
Fixed Oils � Martindale�s 24th Birth Pangs - Images of birth Lobelia  Lavendula Off L.
Flavouring Agent Martindale Botanical Glossary of Terms Magnolia Leonorus cardiaca 
Gelsemium USD 1926  Cosmic Biology  Mangrove Lycopodium clav. L  
Geranium -  USD 1926  Dentifrice Beasley 1872   Marigold. Magnolia
Ginger � USD 1926 Drugs, Masticatories, Poisons   Marshmallow      Marrubium  
Hamamelis BP 1958   Dyes and Tans. 2 Parts  Maidenhair Fern Melilotus officinal
Honey USD 21st Edition 1926 Epsom Salts    Mat�  Mimulus
Humulus USD 1926  Fungi    Motherwort Monotropa
Ilex. (Holly) USD 1926 Glossary. Therapeutic Terms.  Mountain Ash Mullein
Infusions of the USD 1926.  Hemp as field crop   Mullein Narcissus 
Inula. Elecampane USD1926   Huiles Antiques  Nettle Nasturtium Off.
Laurus nobilis USD 1926 Indian Pipe Preparation Onion Nymphaea  
Laxatives. Martindales  24th Iris Diagnosis - Theodor Kriege Oregon Grape Papavar rhoeas.L
Lemon - Limon B.P.1958  Jamaican Bush Medicine   Passion Flower Parthenium  
Licorice USD 1926 Lichens of NZ    Pipsissewa   Passiflora
Lycopodium USD 1926  Oils and Vegetable Fats    Raspberry Fruit Petasites vulgaris 
Magnolia. U.S. 1850. (USD 1926) Opium - Denstons Pharmacognosy  

Raspberry Leaf 

Prunella vulgaris  
Male Fern BP 1958   Perfume Yielding Plants   Red Clover  Pyrus aucuparia
Maltum US & Br (Barley)  Perfumery. Beasley 1872   Red Poppy Ranunculus
Mangrove Monograph Pharmaceutical Latin,Abbr. Red Rose  Rheum spp
Manna USD 1926  Pharmaceutical Synonyms  Rhubarb Rocella Spp
Medicinal Gums - Martindales  Pot Pourri Beasley 1872  Saffron Rosa Canina L
Mistletoe USD Br. Skin Cosmetics Beasley 1872   Sage Rosa Gallica 
Narcissus U.S.D. 1926   Soaps. Beasley 1872  Salal Rubus idaeus Fruit
National Formulary US. A to Z Spermaceti - USD 1926  Scotch Broom Rubus idaeus Leaf 
Nutmeg-Myristica USD 1926  Tea Trees of New Zealand.   Senna Pods Rubus canadensis
Official Volatile Oils BP 1958.  The Natural Musk's  in 3 parts           Skunk  Cabbage Salvia sp.
Oil of Rose   Toxicological Abbreviations Skunk Weed Sambucus
Olive Oil. USD 1926   Vegetable Fibres.    Sweet Bay Sambucus NF.  
Opium and it's Preparations Br Volatile Oils - Denstons Sweet Chestnut  Scoparius
Orris U.S.N.F.  I.germanica   Volatile Oils -  classification   Tansy Ragwort Skunk Weed
Oxytocics. Martindale's 24th Warburgs Tincture USD 1926  Thistle   Sweet Bay
Parsley USD 1926   Water - Essential Engineering. Viola-Violet Thistle  
Pepo - Pumpkin Seed USD1926   The extracta  - USD 1926 Watercress  Trigonella L.
Pepper USD 1926     Sphagnum - Martindale 17th 1922 Water Lily   Viola-Violet
Phytolacca (Poke Root)  U.S.

fluid extracts USD 1926

W. Blackberry   Water Lily  
Pipsissewa - Chimaphila USD    Wild Hyacinth  Wild Blackberry
Pomegranate. USD 1926 Wild Rose Wild Rose
Pyrus Malus L. USD1926 Wild Strawberry Wild Strawberry
Resins of the BP and BPC Willow Herb  Willow Herb 
Rosemary Oil USD 1926  Wormwood   Wormwood  
Saffron  BPC 1949 Yarrow     Yarrow  
Salix (Willow) USD 1926 Self Help Yellow Clover  Yellow Clover 
Sarsaparilla. USD 1926  Adult Dietary. Dr Benjamin Yucca   Yucca 
Sericulture. Denstons   Dr Benjamin�s Gladstone Bag.
Spirits of the USD 1926 Blood & Circulation Dr Benjamin
Saffron  BPC 1949 Children's Diet.  Dr Benjamin
Salvia USD 1926   Constipation and its Cure  

Thumb Nail BrowseR

Soaps USD 1927  Diet - Cleansing - Health  Common Name Latin Name
Starch - Martindale's 24th  

Ear, Nose, Throat. Dr Benjamin

Sugar (Sucrosum) USD 1926 Eye Disease. Harry Benjamin ND Falling Leaves
Suppositories USD 1926  First Aid. Harry Benjamin ND Falling Leaves
Sweeteners Martindales 24th  Glandular Disease. Dr Benjamin
Syrups US. Br. USD 1926   Heart & Lungs. Dr Benjamin
Tea Tree Oils Australian Kitchen Medicine.
Thea USD 1926   Liver Gall  Pancreas, Bladder 
Thistles USD 1926   Menopause by Susun Weed   
Tobacco - Tabacum USD1926    Nervous Diseases. Dr Benjamin 
Tragacanth BP - 1958 Pain .. Images and Indications  
Turmeric BPC 1949-USD 1926 Prostate Problems.   
Urinary Antiseptics  Rheumatism Arthritis. Dr Benjamin 
Valerian Br. Skin and Scalp. Dr Benjamin
Vanilla USD Br. Stomach, Intestines. Dr Benjamin 
Vina Medicata -  USD 1926     The Fevers. Dr Benjamin
Vinegar - Acetum. USD 1926      The Healing Crisis. Dr Benjamin 
Water Lily USD 1926   Therapeutic Fasting. Dr  Benjamin 
Veg Astringents Martindales  Vegetable Juices
Vegetable Laxatives   Childhood Ailments. Dr Benjamin
Zingiber_Ginger USD 1926 The Germ Theory. Dr Benjamin
The Sex Organs. Dr Benjamin

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