Harry Benjamin N.D. Prophet!
Foreword by Ivor Hughes.

  I hope that Harry is not rolling in his grave because I called him a prophet, for he was most certainly not the sort of man to don sackcloth and anoint his head with ashes. Perhaps the word visionary would sit better on his shoulders. The article is abstracted from his then best selling book, �Everyone�s Guide to Nature Cure� which was first published in 1936.

  His words would have been written, or should I say typed , perhaps on a trusty clunky old Remington type writer, near on 70 years ago. His style and liberal use of the exclamation mark for emphasis gives me pictures of him, each sentence being thought out loud as it appeared like magic on the paper before him, and the clap of thunder and flash of lightening in his head as he used the exclamation mark. His treatment practice and his writings influenced for the better many generations of British people. This because his writings are based on sound common sense and are therefore timeless. Unlike the vogues of orthodox medicine the truth never goes out of fashion.

  None of this cold fish academic intellectualism for Harry, he was a real person,  full of the passions and vital signs of life that spill over into his writings.  Which were always for the good of the common man. Plain English, straight talking. The guilty ones call it 'Polemics', I would call it 'Truth'. I raise my hat to you Harry.  I hear your voice ringing clearly down the road of time. Speak on!

  The World Fifty Years Hence?
Harry Benjamin N.D. First published 1936.
So Medical Science continues to look for the cure of disease along the lines it persists in believing to be the right ones and, despite all that can be shown to the contrary, it will accept nothing which comes from sources outside its own closed circle. The spectacle thus opened up of a world still dominated by orthodox medical rule in, say, fifty years time, is, to say the least, far from comforting. Imagine what a world it will be!

  Every child will have its tonsils and appendix removed at birth, no doubt, to prevent these unnecessary organs becoming the centres of possible future infection! Each and every unfortunate infant will have doubtless not less than thirty or forty different vaccines and sera injected into it, to prevent it contracting any of the "usual" complaints of infancy or early childhood!

  Everyone who has the slightest suspicion of visual deficiency (from age two and upwards) will be immediately forced to wear glasses for the remainder of his or her unfortunate existence much to the benefit of the optician and oculist of the day, who will no doubt wax fat and endow hospitals and clinics for the immediate fitting of all infants as soon as born with suitable spectacles to prevent future eye trouble!

  New and ever more complicated diseases will be springing up to baffle the already overworked minds of the medical practitioners of the day and no wonder! The "common" ailments, such as colds, catarrh, indigestion, constipation, etc., will be taken as a matter of course, everyone will have them! Cancer, Rheumatism, Bright's disease, Diabetes, heart disease, etc., will have been creeping up year by year to at length have reached colossal figures!

  The yearly consumption of worthless medicinal drugs and patent medicines will have likewise reached figures of due proportion! Surgical operations will have attained such a pitch of perfection and such a vogue that it will be hard to meet anyone who has not left some part of his anatomy behind on some hospital operating table or other only to discover after it was too late that his general health is, after all, worse, not better, as he had been led to believe it would be by his medical adviser!

  The general style of living and eating of today, not having been censured in any way, will have grown worse and steadily worse, so that people with good teeth or healthy bodies will have grown so scarce as to be almost impossible to find! . . . And so on, and so on, to an infinity of pathological horrors.

  What a world it will be! And how are we going to escape from it, or give our children the opportunity to escape from it? There is only one way. Each and every intelligent individual must accept and put into practice in his own life, and in the lives of those dependent upon him, the laws and principles of common sense healing and healthy living set forth under the heading of "Nature Cure" in the present book. THERE IS NO OTHER ALTERNATIVE! If the world as a whole, either through ignorance or indolence refuses to rescue itself from the disease increasing despotism of orthodox medication, then each and every individual possessed of enough initial understanding, courage, and determination, and assured of the proper guidance, must do so for himself. It is expressly for this one purpose to enable each individual so inclined to rescue himself from the fate that besets all the members of the human family who pay homage to medical suzerainty and authority that this present volume is intended.

  Will it accomplish its purpose? That is for every reader to decide in his or her own individual case!