Beasley. Druggists General Receipt Book 1872

Compiled and Edited by Ivor Hughes.


General Directions. The dry ingredients should be finely pulverized, and the whole well mixed; which is best effected by triturating the powders together, or agitating them in a bottle, and afterwards passing the whole through a sieve. Some ingredients are usually levigated, or ground with water, as prepared chalk, coral, &c. The tooth powders which contain acids and acid salts should not be frequently used.

For children those only which contain very soft powders should be permitted; the heavy carbonate of magnesia is very suitable for them.

AMERICAN TOOTH POWDER. Coral, cuttle-fish bone, dragon's blood, of each 8 oz., burnt alum and red sanders, of each 4 oz., orris 8 oz., cloves and cinnamon, of each � oz., vanilla 2 dr., rosewood � oz., rose pink 8 oz.

ANTISEPTIC TOOTH POWDER. Prepared or precipitated chalk 2 oz., dry chloride of lime 10 gr., oil of cassia or of cloves 5 drops; mix. It may be coloured, if preferred, by a little levigated bole.

ANTISCOBBUTIC TOOTH POWDER. Extract of rhatany � oz., prepared charcoal 2 oz., cinnamon � oz., cloves � oz.

AROMATIC TOOTH POWDER. Calamus aromaticus 4 dr., charcoal 1 dr., soap 1 dr., oil of cloves 12 drops.

ASIATIC TOOTH POWDER. Prepared coral 4 oz., Venetian red 3 dr., ochre 5 dr., pumice 5 dr., musk 1 gr.; mix. Or, bole 3 parts,. chalk 2, ochre 1, pumice 1, musk to scent.

CADET'S, or Dr. COOMBE'S. Sugar 1 oz., charcoal 1 oz., Peruvian bark � oz., cream of tartar 1� dr., cinnamon

CAMPHORATED CHALK. Camphor (pulverized by the aid of a few drops of spirit) 1 oz., prepared or precipitated chalk 3 oz. Some makers put only 1 part of camphor to 7 of chalk.

COMPOUND CAMPHORATED TOOTH POWDER. Camphor 1 oz., precipitated chalk 2 oz., cuttle-fish bone � oz., myrrh 2 dr., borax 2 dr., lake or rose pink 1 dr., or q. s.

CARTWRIGHT�S DENTIFRICE. Prepared chalk 7 oz., orris 1 oz., Castile soap � dr.

CARABELLI'S. Cuttle-fish bone 1� oz., prepared shells 1� oz., cinnamon, orris, and lime-tree charcoal, of each 3 dr., vanilla 10 gr

CHARCOAL, PREPARED. The charcoal, made in iron cylinders, from willow, is preferred. It should he reduced to an impalpable powder, and kept from the air. Charcoal of areca nut is highly commended. That of the shells of cocoa nuts is said to be used for the same purpose. Dr. HEIDER prefers the charcoal of the lime tree.

CHARCOAL TOOTH POWDER (Gray) Prepared charcoal 1 oz. powdered chalk 3 oz,

CHARCOAL TOOTH POWDER (French). Prepared charcoal 1 oz., sugar 1 oz., oil of cloves 3 drops; mix.

CHARCOAL WITH BARK. Charcoal 1 oz., red cinchona 1 oz., powdered sugar J oz., with a few drops of some essential oil. See also RIGHINI'S, below.

CHARCOAL WITH BARK (French recipe). Charcoal 1 oz., Peruvian bark � oz., oil of cinnamon, mint, or other oil, 2 drops, essence of ambergris 30 drops.

CHARCOAL WITH QUININE. Charcoal 1 oz., sulphate of quinine 2 to 4 gr., magnesia 4 to 8 gr., otto of rose (or other perfume) 2 drops.

CARBONIC DENTIFRICE (DESFORGES'). Willow charcoal 4 oz., cinchona bark 4 oz., cloves 4 dr.

CIRCASSIAN DENTIFRICE (Dr. HALIFAX'S). Prepared hartshorn 2 oz., sulphate of potash 2 oz., cuttle-fish bone 8 oz., orris 4 oz., yellow sandal wood 1 oz., rose-pink 3 oz., oil of rhodium 30 drops. Mix the dry ingredients, previously reduced to a fine powder, and add the oil of rhodium.

CORAL DENTIFRICE (Poudre Dentifrice of the French Pharmacopoeia). Red coral, bole, cuttle-fish bone, of each 3 oz., dragon's blood 1� oz., cochineal 3 dr., cream of tartar 4� oz., cinnamon 6 dr., cloves 1 dr.; reduce separately to powder, mix and grind on porphyry.

DESCHAMP'S ALKALINE DENTIFRICE. Venetian talc 4 oz., bicarbonate of soda 1 oz., carmine 4 or 5 gr., oil of mint (or other perfume) 15 drops.

DESCHAMP'S ACID DENTIFRICE. Venetian tale 4 oz,, cream of tartar 1 oz., carmine 4 or 5 gr., oil as the last.

DESFORGES'. See Carbonic Dentifrice.

DETERGENT TOOTH POWDER. Bicarbonate of soda 1 oz., powdered Castile soap � oz., sulphate of potash � oz., sugar of milk � oz., orris root 4 oz., oil of bitter almonds 4 drops. Coloured at pleasure.

ELEPHANT'S (Mrs.) TOOTH POWDER. Bole 1 oz., myrrh, bark, and orris, each � oz. All to be finely powdered, and mixed.

FLORENTINE DENTIFRICE. Prepared shells 14 dr., orris 6 dr., cream of tartar 3 dr., lake to colour.

FRENCH TOOTH POWDER. (See CORAL TOOTH POWDER, above; also GALVANIC, DESCHAMP'S, &c.) Peruvian bark, burnt crust of bread, and sugar, in equal proportions.

GALVANIC DENTIFRICE. Triturate 2 leaves of gold-leaf and 3 of silver with 2 dr. of sulphate of potash and 1 dr. of alum; then add white sugar 2 dr., common salt 1 dr., pellitory of Spain � dr., prepared hartshorn 1 oz., sulphate of quinine 10 grains; mix. Colour with finest smalts (powder blue), rose, pink, or lake.

FOZEMBAS' recipe is : 2 leaves of gold, 2 of silver, alum 3 dr., salt 1� dr., white sugar 1� dr., pepper 15 gr., opium 5 gr., coral 3 dr., Peruvian bark 3 dr. Grind the gold and silver with the salt and alum, and add the last. For the double galvanic tooth powder, put twice the above quantities of gold, silver, alum, salt, pepper, and opium. The galvanic action of the metals is thought to stimulate the gums,

GERMAN TOOTH POWDER. Peruvian bark 6 dr., red sanders 2 dr., oil of cloves and of bergamot 3'drops.

GROVENOR�S TOOTH POWDER, Prepared shells and coral, of each 12 oz., orris root 2 oz., oil of rhodium 6 drops.

HEMET'S DENTIFRICE. It is said to consist of cuttle-fish bone 6 oz., cream of tartar 1 oz., orris � oz.; mix. Orris 16 oz., magnesia 4 oz., pumice-stone 8 oz., cuttle-fish bone 8 oz., sulphate of quinine 4 oz., cascarilla 1 oz., sugar of milk 16 oz., oil of mint 1 oz., oil of cinnamon 2 dr., oil of neroli 1 dr., essence of ambergris 1 dr.

KEMMERER'S. Wood soot 1� oz., strawberry root � oz., and a few drops of eau de Cologne.

LAVENDER TOOTH POWDER. Crimson lake 1 dr., Chinese blue (or Turnbull's blue) a scruple; mix and add bicarbonate of soda � oz., cuttle-fish bone 2 oz., precipitated chalk 6 oz., oil of lavender 8 drops.


LEFOULON'S TOOTH POWDER. Scurvy grass, horse radish, guaiacum, cinchona, mint, pellitory root, calamus, rhatany, of each equal quantities, reduce to an impalpable powder. A little calcined magnesia is sometimes added.

MAURY'S CARBONIC TOOTH POWDER. Charcoal 8 oz., cinchona 4 oz., sugar 8 oz., oil of mint � oz., oil of cinnamon � oz., tincture of ambergris � dr.

METGES' TOOTH POWDER. Prepared chalk 3� lb, lake or rose-pink 1 lb, orris 2 lb, cream of tartar 12 oz., levigated pumice 1 oz., sugar 9 oz., oil of cloves 1 dr.

MIALHE'S RATIONAL DENTIFRICE. Sugar of milk 3 oz., pure tannin 3 dr., lake 1 dr., oil of mint 8 drops, oil of aniseed 8 drops, neroli 4 drops.

MYRRH DENTIFRICE. Myrrh 1 oz., cuttle-fish bone 4 oz., orris 3 oz.; mix.

NICHOL'S TOOTH POWDER. Cuttle-fish bone, prepared chalk, orris, of each 1 oz.; cassia � oz., myrrh � oz.; mix.

PALMER'S TOOTH POWDER. Prepared chalk 1 lb, camphor 1 oz., orris 1 lb, cuttle-fish bone 4 oz., rose pink 1 oz.

PEARL DENTIFRICE. Precipitated chalk 16 oz., talc 8 oz., finest smalts � oz., or q. s. to give it a slight tint.

PEILETIER'S QUININE DENTIFRICE. Sulphate of quinine 4 gr., prepared red coral 1 oz., myrrh a scruple. For the coral may be substituted levigated bole 2 dr., precipitated chalk 6 dr.

REGNAUD'S DENTIFRICE. Calcined magnesia � oz., sulphate of quinine 8 gr., carmine (or cochineal) � dr., oil of peppermint 3 drops.

RHATANY TOOTH POWDER. Rhatany root 2 oz., cuttle-fish bone 4 oz., prepared chalk 8 oz., borax 1 dr.

RIGHINI'S CHARCOAL; AND BARK. Charcoal 4 parts, yellow bark 1 part.

ROSE DENTIFRICE. Lake � dr., myrrh 2 dr., bicarbonate of soda 2 dr., orris 2 oz., cuttle-fish bone 2 oz., precipitated chalk 6 oz., otto of roses 16 drops ; or it may be coloured with rose pink to any desired shade.

RUSPINI'S DENTIFRICE. Cuttle-fish bone 8 oz., prepared hartshorn 2 oz., alum 1 oz., cream of tartar 2 oz., orris 1 oz., oil of rhodium 6 drops.

RUSSIAN TOOTH POWDER. Peruvian bark 2 oz., orris root 1 oz., Sal ammoniac � oz., catechu 6 dr., myrrh 6 dr., oil of cloves 6 or 8 drops.

SAUNDERS' DENTIFRICE. Prepared chalk 2 oz cuttle fish bone 1 oz., orris 1 oz. Sulphate of Quinine 10 gr.

Dr. SCHOEPE'S TOOTH POWDER, against mercurial salivation. Alum 2 scruples, cinchona bark, 1 oz.

VIOLET TOOTH POWDER. Orris root 2 oz., cuttle-fish bone 4 oz., precipitated chalk 12 oz., bicarbonate of soda � oz., essence of violets 1 dr., pure percyanide of iron and crimson lake or rose pink, enough to give it a pale violet colour.

Any of the above tooth powders may be formed into a paste with honey, clarified honey, or honey of roses. A little perfumed spirit may be added. A common objection to these pastes or electuaries, is their liability to fermentation, or effervescence. Some makers keep the paste in the bulk for a considerable time, till the effervescence has completely subsided, and then put it up in pots for sale. Others heat the honey, stir in the powders, and keep the mixture warm till any effervescence produced by the action of the acidity of the honey on the cretaceous powder has subsided. Electuaries of this kind are termed by the French opiates although they may contain no opium in any form.