Falling Leaves.
Ivor Hughes,

Story Index.

The stories that follow are some of those things, like beads on a necklace that go around the neck of a personal life. Of things shared and endured, of things experienced, the string and sealing wax around a parcel of the heart. And sometimes just bloody minded commentary .. what ever rings a bell ..  Each story is built around a core of facts which are stretched to cover the cushion.   Many of those stories are dedicated to family and those dear people that shared something of themselves. A communion of friends that has endured despite the odd misunderstanding. 

1. Whispers in the Valley .. Dedicated to Damiana.                       2. On the Road to Nirvana .. Dedicated to Darla.

3. The Tale of Two Williams  .. Dedicated to Karen.                  4. Africa .. Dedicated to Cassandra.

5. Jessie .. Dedicated to Clare.                                                           6.  The Market .. Dedicated to Rosalind.

7.  The Ton of pepper .. Dedicated to Rosanna.                          8.  Has its own section - Dedicated to Luke.

9.  Underneath the Arches.   Dedicated Simon.                            10. The Shepherd and the Oak.

11.Tears and a Stone for America .. to American Friends.        12.  The Crunch!  .. Dedicated to Michael.

13. Patriot Fools and Universal Soldiers.                                        14. The Chickens Come Home to Roost!

15. Flags and Drums.  Dedicated to George.                                  16. Root, Flower, Fruit.  To my Children

17. Howling at the Moon.  To the Moon.                                          18. Sampan Sue.    To Suzi.


Story 8 .. The Pharmageddon Dynasty is a Satirical Comedy of many parts.

Part One .. The Pharmageddon Dynasty.                                     Part Two .. The Simple Fool Draws Near.

Part Three .. The Comfrey Scandal.                                              Part Four .. The Kava Karve Up.

Part Five     .. Lord Bad Egg's Schooldays.                                 Part Six   ..   Waco meets Iraq.