Cosmic Biology

Between heaven and earth there is a unity, reflected on one hand, in the real or supposed influence of the sun, stars and planets on the life of plants, animals and men, also on the medicines derived from them. On the other hand, in the repetition of the structures from which sprang the notions of Macrocosm and Microcosm.

The reason for this is that man does not know himself and does not know the energies hidden within him, and does not know that he carries the stars within, and that he is the Microcosm and thus within carries the whole firmament with all its influences. 

Everything that is within can be known by that which is without.


The images are courtesy of the magnificent Hubble Space Telescope. The structures shown so nearly resemble our own but on a different scale in time and space .. please give the images time to load if you are on  dial up.