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Image: Grays Anatomy.

Often the first sign of a problem is the inability to pass water and the swollen bladder gives pain. Sometimes it is necessary to resort to the catheter to relieve the pressure. From the image we may see that the prostate lies at the root of the bladder, if it becomes swollen, it blocks off the flow of urine.

The substance that the gland secretes is thought to stimulate the vigour of the spermatozoa for its arduous and hazardous journey. On that scale of life it is a very long swim .. at least 1000 miles on our level.

If the matter is not attended to .. then comes the inevitable weird pills .. the macabre surgery .. and the lethal radiation. Prostrate problems are a major sign of a torpid liver and an unclean lymph system. Oily engines .. gummed up carburetors, with a slack pistons and head in need of a de-coke .. seldom run well. And for all of the money directed at the problem .. the best the medical profession can offer is symptomatic treatment and no effort is made to address the underlying cause.

As a generation alive today we suffer a greater body burden of strange chemicals than at any time in the past .. those strange Chemicals have no place in the human body .. and even more alarming .. we have no idea of what those chemicals do within the human body .. however we may see the results .. which are all around us. The usual pronouncement is denial of a problem .. �There is no scientific evidence� .. It begins to wear thin as the body count increases.

A swollen and inflamed prostate is a symptom of an underlying cause which may be avoided by the application of some common sense. The very least that you may understand is that Nature does the curing .. not man. However she must be handed the right tools for the job in hand. That means a correct diet for who you are .. the right dietary balance cannot be achieved by counting calories. It may be best arrived at by ensuring that your food is wholesome .. the major part should be fresh fruit and vegetables, and taken as near to the raw state as possible for the natural vitamins .. mineral salts and enzymes which they contain in abundance. Your body will tell you the right balance for you .. but first you have to be sensitive enough to hear the message .. that means a good cleansing of the whole system.

Not everyone can afford to eat organic produce .. more is the pity .. because one never knows what has been systemically absorbed by our scientifically grown crops. All chemically raised crops must be thoroughly washed in a bowl of clean cold water to which one has added a couple of table spoons of malt vinegar. Then rinse under running water. This will remove some of the surface gunk that could be absorbed into the body.

Folk tradition would have it that you are the child of the season that gave you birth .. Spring .. Summer .. Autumn .. Winter. That is why some herbs work well in some people and poorly in others. So in the using of the herbs one should try to use those of the land of your birth. Let it be understood that herbs do not cure a condition .. they correct it .. and as such .. should be used to nudge an organ system onto a higher level as the cleansing progresses. Always use one herb at a time .. one herb is a complex of hundreds if not thousands of different types of molecules just as you are. It also happens that the plant molecules are interchangeable with those of our kind. And which perform a similar function in both organisms

Only diet can cure .. Food and Concrete have things in common � use the wrong mix and the structure it was meant to reinforce crumbles to dust. The wrong mix of course is also the reason for the clogging and the inflammation of the various internal organs as we slide down the slippy slope of ill health expediency and sloth. .. the old saying .. If you want a good job doing .. Do it yourself!

The inflammation of the prostate must be reduced at its source which is a toxin laden system that had bottlenecked at the liver .. when that happens the toxins accumulate faster than they can be eliminated so the liver parcels out some toxins to various destinations in the body .. and there they sit causing more problems until they are removed. When they reach a certain level .. which is different for every individual .. chronic disease sets in.

Nothing short of a thorough cleansing should be acceptable to you .. it is a promise that the initial hard work reaps a rich harvest of well being. Herbs to assist the cleansing process can supply the needed amounts of bio-chelated Silica (passed through a plant) .. to clean the accumulated fur from the plumbing. In the self help section of the main library are some very good articles by Harry Benjamin N.D. on the subjects of diets and fasts for various conditions and what to expect whilst doing it.

Herbs such as Horsetail .. Nettle .. Dandelion .. Burdock and Chicory .. will also be found to be of good service. Nettle and Horsetail are rich in bio-chelated silica

Dandelion is a Sunburst of benefit to a jaded liver, both root, tops and flowers may be utilized in season. All the information you need to start the process is to be found in the site library. After studying those documents that you need .. then set the game plan out .. your intake of liquids and solids is charted .. what and when .. In that way one is able to concentrate on the food and its purpose.

Be gentle with yourself and start with a 24 hour fast .. as much clean water as you can drink (unchlorinated) to which you may add a squirt of fresh squeezed lemon juice. The astringent effect will be helpful in clearing out clogged cells. On the night before you break your fast take three dessert spoons of Linseed and place them in a mug. Scald them with boiling water and drain. Then top them up with boiling water .. half to one inch above the surface of the seeds .. cover and leave overnight. On the following day it will be seen that the seeds have formed a jelly like mucilage with the seeds .. eat it .. be warned .. it does not taste nice.

The mucilage and seed is brisk laxative, or are a mild cathartic in some persons. This should be continued until you void seeds 2 or 3 times. They can then be discontinued. You should break the fast with a 3 day diet of vegetable juices alone. See juices here. Of the juices, most recommended is the Potassium Broth this will help to reduce the acid inflamed state of your body. It should be taken once a day ..

Elsewhere in the self help section Harry Benjamin gives hydrotherapy advice on hip or sizt baths and its use in many conditions. He also gives exercises to follow whilst on the road to cure. The Nature Cure is in itself a remarkable learning curve .. which once having been learnt can never be expunged .. the insight gained from the experience of the process is worth a small library and much expenditure of time and money not to mention your health.

If you wish to explore further then please use the site search box at the top right hand of the page or browse the main library.



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