Ivor Hughes.


The foundation of all �Medicine� is the mighty herb. One may easily picture the sharp eyes of the earliest hunter gatherers, tracking the migrating herd animals. Animals .. in general .. have a more highly developed instinct than our kind � It would have not escaped those sharp eyes that the herd animals they tracked .. also doctored themselves on particular plants. There is some scientific evidence that the chimpanzee�s when in their natural habitat will doctor themselves. There is also scientific evidence of the mystical �Shanidar� a 60,000 year old burial site. The examination of pollen samples revealed 8 genera of medicinal herbs. Undeniably Herbs are the Mother of Medicine.

Every realm of Nature is interconnected .. an awe inspiring Master Work. So it should come as no surprise, that plant molecules are interchangeable with our own. In skilled hands, herbs are a mighty instrument. However they must be correctly handled to ensure quality and efficacy, and that the medication is correctly prepared. This involves a degree of precision, without which .. a medication cannot be duplicated .. and will also be of uncertain action .. therefore if the historic science of posology (Literally �How much�?) is to be satisfied, then precision is essential. In this way the Healer may have confidence in the instrument and concentrate on the knotty problem of determining the cause of an individuals malaise.

Orthodox medicine is guided by an entirely different medical model to that of Natural Healing, of which, it approaches each individual on the basis of wholism when seeking a cure. The Natural Healing seeks to eradicate the cause of a malaise and not to treat its symptoms.

Everything that is within can be known by that which is without.
The nature and force of a disease must be discovered by their cause and not by their symptoms
Paracelsus 1493 � 1541

Herbs can be used in two ways 

(1) By antipathy to combat a symptom .. this is allopathy, or (2) By sympathy, which is to treat by using a herb that causes the symptomatic problem (Side effect) hence the ancient dictum �Like Cures Like�. Dr Hahnemann .. The founder of Homeopathy took issue with a one Dr Cullen and his explanation of how �Cinchona cured fever (It contains the alkaloid quinine) This led Dr Hahnemann (as is the practice of all honorable healers) to experiment upon himself. The method is to use the herb on a healthy subject .. and then observe the symptoms that arise. The results these early drug provings were a reinforcement of the ancient dictum �Like Cures Like�. Hahnemann suffered fever during his experiment upon himself.

Herbalist�s are of two camps (1) The Galenists or followers of Galen. Poly pharmacy is the standard (Poly pharmacy is the use of more than one herb). Two or more herbs are compounded to treat a spectrum of symptoms. (The disease picture)

(2) The Paracelsians or those that use the methods instituted by Paracelsus. i.e. the administration of single remedies only. There are near on two hundred years of Homeopathic �provings� that will support that approach of the single remedy. (Provings are the Homoeopathic drug trial). (The Drug Picture)

There is a common misconception that herbs cure when in fact they correct a condition. A specific organ system is stimulated by the action of a specific herb. (They have been classified as such) However every single herb is capable of more than one physiological and psychological effect demonstrating that a single herb elicits a smooth but varied response to different types of people because its synergy remains intact. Dr Linus Pauling (whose work was a precursor to the work of Crick and Watson of DNA fame.) believed that the root cause of all disease was a �Mineral deficiency" of different kinds .. either heredity or acquired by faulty diet. Galenic preparations of Medicinal Herbs are deficient in essential mineral salts .. salts which are Bio-chelated (passed through the body of the plant) Therefore the remedy(s) do not replace the underlying cause of the problem which is mineral deficiency.

The answer to that of course is "keep taking the herb" until one flogs the body to death by continual stimulation. A good example of that, is the abuse of laxatives, which can only but set the body up for far more serious maladies down the track. Therefore if the underlying deficiency is to be made good then of necessity we must turn to diet .. to ensure that adequate amounts of bio-chelated plant cell salts are available, in a naturally assimilated manner. Only diet can cure. Only diet can promise a healthy existence .. As the Herbalist you must also concentrate on different food plants that supply those minerals. All our natural food crops have been bred up and tamed from a wild cousins. They are made use of for medicinal purposes for a host of different conditions. When used in this fashion and to ensure adequate supply of natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes then the raw Vegetable Juices are the most convenient form .. add the judicious use of single herbs to nudge a sluggish organ system onto a better level of homeostasis (Balance) and a step closer to cure.

Herbs may also be administered �Symptom Specific� for the relief of symptoms .. but this should only be done as deemed to be necessary, for example pain relief or a mild or brisk laxative to set a sluggish bowel in motion. However these should be the first steps towards the application of diet to tackle the problem at its root.

If you want to be a healer .. either of yourself .. or to nurture your family group .. or .. if you have sufficient emotional energy .. become a full time Master Herbalist .. then return to the main site, and go to the self help section .. Start with Harry Benjamin ND .. The Germ Theory .. Each article in that section should be thoroughly studied .. Obviously a little knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology is required .. just sufficient to know what is connected to what and the function of the various organ systems .. in the articles are various anatomic diagrams .. plus one may find some excellent anatomic images and explanations of the terms used here �. Anatomic terms and Images .. Those basic resources will be the key to the forming of your personal philosophy of healing.

It is a common failing by the various schools of Natural Healing to feel that they alone have the answer to mankind�s multiple ills, whereas if we are to effect a cure by the grace of Nature then no aspect of the psyche or physical body can be ignored .. if you are not competent in one area then it is your duty to understand your limitations and to refer the individual to someone who is competent in that area. It is not unusual to find people gifted in more than one modality (System) they are the General Practitioners of Natural Healing .. One generally finds they are high principled people who render good service for their fee. They turn no one away and adjust fee�s accordingly.

Ivor Hughes
Auckland 2nd February 2006