Druggists General Receipt Book � Beasley 1872

Compiled and edited by Ivor Hughes



1. Gather in the season the petals of the most fragrant kinds of roses (with which other flowers may he mixed, at pleasure, in small proportion); spread them out to dry in the sun, or in a warm room, sprinkle a little salt on them, and put them into a jar, ill which they are to be kept covered up till wanted for use. Take of these rose loaves 4 oz., dried lavender flowers 8 oz., vanilla, cloves, storax, and benzoin, all bruised, of each 1 dr., ambergris 20 gr., otto of roses 20 drops. Mix.

2. Calamus root, yellow sauders, of each 1 oz., vanilla 1 dr., musk 8 gr., ambergris 8 gr., cascarilla 1 oz., orris root 3 oz., cinnamon 1 oz., lavender flowers 1 oz., styrax 2 dr., benzoin 2 dr., cloves 2 dr., coriander seed 1 oz., nutmegs 2 dr., otto of roses 20 drops, oil of neroli 10 drops. The dry ingredients to be coarsely bruised. Mix.

3. French. Take the petals of the pale and red roses, pinks, violets, moss rose, orange-flower, lily of the valley, acacia flowers, clove-gillyflowers, mignonette, heliotrope, jonquils ; with a small proportion of the flowers of myrtle, balm, rosemary, and thyme; spread them out for some days, and as they become dry, put them into a jar with alternate layers of dry salt, mixed with orris powder, till the vessel is full. Close it for a month, then stir the whole up, and moisten it with rose-water.

4. Orris root 16 oz., dried acacia flowers 8 oz., dried bergamot-peel 2 oz., musk seed $ oz., cloves 4 oz.; pound them together.

5. Dry rose leaves quickly on a wicker tray, in a warm place. To a pint of the petals add powdered orris 2 oz., pimento � oz., cascarilla � oz., musk 2 gr., otto of roses 2 drops, bruised cloves � oz.

The pot pourri No. 2 or 4 may be put into bags, alone, or with any perfume to increase the strength. Or coarsely powdered patchouli may be used, with any other perfume. Or the bags may be filled with carded cotton mixed with any of the following scented powders.

Powdered starch 3 oz., carmine to colour, otto of roses 3 drops, orris powder 1 oz.

Violet, Orris powder 4 oz., essence of bergamot 20 drops, essence of ambergris 20 drops.

Poudre de Chypre. Oak-moss is macerated in clean water for a day or two, and strongly pressed in a cloth; it is then moistened with rose-water mixed with a third of orange-flower water for two days, pressed, and pulverized. It serves as a basis for other perfumes, the power of which it is said to increase.

Poudre a la Mousseline. Orris 16 oz., coriander-seed 8 oz., musk-seed 2 oz., cinnamon, cloves, and sandal-wood, each 1 oz., star aniseed � oz., mace, ginger, and violet ebony, of each 2 oz.; beat them to a powder, and pass through a sieve.

Poudre a� l� Oeillet. Red roses 48 oz., orris 48 oz., cloves 6 oz., bergamot-peel 20 oz., musk seed 24 oz., cinnamon 6 oz., long cypress 6 oz., pale roses 26 oz., dried acacia flowers, orange flowers, and clove stalks, of each 8 oz.

Poudre a la Mareschale. Oak moss in powder 2 lb, plain starch powder 1 lb, cloves 1 oz., calamus 2 oz., cypress 2 oz., rotten oak-wood powder 2 oz.; mix.�GRAY.

Portugal. Dried orange-peel 1 oz., dried bergamot-peel, � oz. cloves 4 oz., storax 1 dr., ambergris 8 gr., benzoin a drachm, musk seed a scruple, musk 4 gr.

Pastilles de Toilette odorantes. These consist of perfumed powders made into a paste, and moulded to any desired form before drying. The above scent powders beaten up with mucilage of tragacanth will answer the purpose; or the following :

1. Beat the fresh petals of red roses in an iron mortar to a smooth paste, with a few drops of essence of ambergris, or other suitable perfume. It becomes sufficiently smooth to take a polish.

2. Powdered orris, oak-moss, and Poudre de Mousseline, of each 1 oz.; lamp-black, or other colour, q. s. Form into a stiff paste, with a jelly made of 6 dr. of isinglass, 2 of tragacanth, and boiling water q. s. Make it into beads by means of a pill-machine, or into any ornamental form by moulds.

3. Jessamine flowers 1 oz., powdered gum tragacanth � oz., vermilion 2 oz.

4. Yellow sunders, cypress, cloves, balsam of Peru, of each 2 dr., benzoin and styrax, of each � oz., musk and civet, of each 10 gr., oil of cinnamon 5 drops, oil of rhodium 15 drops, essence of jessamine 1 dr., neroli 20 drops, ivory-black I� oz., Paris plaster 2 oz., mucilage of tragacanth, made with rose-water, q. s. As the last.

Yellow sanders 3 oz., styrax 4 oz., benzoin 3 oz., olibanum 6 oz., cascarilla 6 oz., ambergris 1 dr., Peruvian balsam 2 dr., myrrh 1� oz., nitre 1� oz., oil of cinnamon 20 drops, oil of cloves � dr., otto 30 to 60 drops, oil of lavender 1� dr., balsam of Tolu 1� oz., camphor � oz., strong acetic acid 2 oz., charcoal 3 lb; mix s. a., and beat into a paste with mucilage of tragacanth, and form into conical pastilles. A second and third quality may be made by using, respectively, 4 and 5 lb instead of 3 lb of charcoal. These are highly approved, but rather expensive.

2. (Clous fumans of the French Codex.) Benzoin 2 oz., balsam of Tolu � oz., laudanum 1 dr., yellow sanders J oz., light charcoal 6 oz., nitre � oz., mucilage of tragacanth q. s. Reduce the substances to powder, and form into a paste with the mucilage, and divide into small cones with a tripod base.

3. Powdered cascarilla 8 oz., benzoin 4 oz., yellow Sanders 2 oz., styrax calamita 2 oz., olibanum 2 oz., charcoal 3 lb, nitre 1� oz., mucilage of tragacanth q. s.

4. Benzoin 1 oz., cascarilla 1 oz., myrrh 8 scruples, oil of nutmeg 4 scruples, oil of cloves 4 scruples, nitre � oz., charcoal 6 oz., mucilage of tragacanth, q. s.�Dr. PAEIS.

Styrax 2� oz., benzoin 12 oz., musk 15 grains, burnt sugar � oz., frankincense 2� oz., gum tragacanth 1� oz., rose water sufficient to form a mass; to be divided into small tablets.�Mr. ASTLEY.

2. Powdered cascarilla 2 oz., myrrh, styrax, benzoin, thus, Burgundy pitch, each 1 oz. Mix.�Mr. ATKINS (Ph. Journal).

Dry compounds for perfuming or correcting the breath. Cachou Aromatise. The basis of these compounds, as the name implies, was originally catechu, with which various odoriferous substances were combined. The catechu, however, is now often omitted. The following are some of the most approved forms :

1. Extract of Liquorice 3 oz., oil of cloves l� dr., oil of cinnamon 15 drops; mix, and divide into one-grain pills, and silver them.

2. (M. CHEVALLIER'S.) Chocolate powder and ground coffee, of each 1 � oz., prepared charcoal 1 oz., sugar 1 oz., vanilla (pulverized with the sugar) 1 oz., mucilage q. s. Make into lozenges of any form, of which 6 to 8 may be used daily to disinfect the breath.

3. Cachou de Bologne. Bologna Catechu. Extract of Liquorice 3 oz., water 3 oz., dissolve by heat in a water-bath, and add catechu 1 oz., gum arable 4 oz.; evaporate to the consistence of an extract, and add (in powder) � dr. each of mastic, cascarilla, charcoal, and orris : remove from the fire, and add oil of peppermint � dr., essence of ambergris and essence of musk each 5 drops; roll it flat on an oiled marble slab, and cut it into very small lozenges. [Or it may be rolled into small pills, and silvered. They are chiefly used by smokers.

4. Catechu 7 dr., orris powder 40 grains, sugar 3 oz., oil of rosemary (or of peppermint, cloves, or cinnamon) 4 drops, or q. s. Proceed as for the last.

5. Cachou Aromatise. Extract of Liquorice and water, of each 3� oz.; dissolve in a water-hath, and add Bengal catechu in powder, 462 grains, and gum arabic in powder 231 grains; evaporate to an extract, and then incorporate the following substances, first reduced to a fine powder :� Mastic, cascarilla, charcoal, and orris root, of each 30 grains; melt the mass to a proper consistence, remove it from the fire, and then add English oil of peppermint 30 drops, tinctures of ambergris and musk, of each 5 drops ; pour it now on an oiled slab, and spread it out, by means of a roller, to the thickness of a sixpenny piece. When cool, apply some folds of blotting-paper to absorb any adherent oil, moisten the surface with water, and cover it with sheets of silver leaf. Allow it to dry, and finally divide into thin strips, and these again into small pieces, about the size of a fenugreek seed.�(Journal de Pharmacie.)