Lily of the Valley
Martindales 24th

Compiled and Edited by Ivor Hughes

Convallaria (B.P.C. 1949). Convallar.; Lily of the Valley Flowers; Muguet; Maiblume.

Foreign Pharmacopoeias: In Belg., Cz., Pr., Pal., Span., and ,Swiss.

The dried inflorescence of Convallaria majalis (Liliaceae). Three crystalline glycosides have been obtained from the plant:
convallarin convallamarin, and convallatoxin. Store in a cool dry place.

Uses. Convallaria has an action on the heart similar to that of digitalis but has no Cumulative action, and is more actively diuretic. Overdoses cause vomiting and purging.

Ext. Convallar. Liq. (B.P.C. 1934).Liquid Extract of Convallaria. 1 in 1; prepared by percolation with alcohol (60%) Dose: 0.3 to 0.6 ml. (5 to 10 minims).