Experience of Pain
Ivor Hughes.

Many of us if asked to explain the sensation of pain may experience difficulty in doing so .. however we all understand what is involved for another individual and ones first instinct usually is to attempt to alleviate the persons pain.

In the normal course of events a pain experienced in one area is usually the first diagnostic symptom of a particular problem .. for example toothache or earache, however there are occasionally symptoms that are called �Referred Pain� an image to illustrate the point has been included which is taken from �Principles of Anatomy and Physiology 8th Edition by Tortora and Grabowski�

Acute pain is usually one of the first indications of an underlying problem as distinct from accident trauma. Persistent or Sporadic pain needs to be examined closely as to its cause, and the matter rectified by treating the cause rather than the symptom .. e.g. using pain killers for regular headaches is a dangerous course of action .. Self diagnosis is notoriously unreliable .. as many healers and physicians have found out by bitter experience. Use your common sense rather than your imagination.

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