Ivor Hughes.

The condition of the blood depends in large part upon the condition of the organs of assimilation and elimination. If you sit and think about it for a moment, you will be able to correctly identify them within yourself. Scientific nomenclature is not a prerequisite. The important thing is that in your naming of them that �you� understand what you mean. Your body is your temple.

The following is a cut and paste from the free module 12. It stakes out the ground precisely. It is medical philosophy of the highest order, and it is verifiable within your own body:

�And in particular, as the season and the year advances, he can tell what epidemic diseases will attack the city, either in summer or in winter, and what each individual will be in danger of experiencing from the change of regimen. For knowing the changes of the seasons, the risings and settings of the stars, how each of them takes place, he will be able to know beforehand what sort of a year is going to ensue.

Having made these investigations, and knowing beforehand the seasons, such a one must be acquainted with each particular, and must succeed in the preservation of health, and be by no means unsuccessful in the practice of his art. And if it shall be thought that these things belong rather to meteorology, it will be admitted, on second thoughts, that astronomy contributes not a little, but a very great deal, indeed, to medicine. For with the seasons the digestive organs of men undergo a change�.

Hippocrates 400 BCE

The different organs of your body cycle (Usually an eliminative function) once in every 12 hours. The body does it in sequence of organ systems to complete its task of efficiently running with ease and speed, a complexity of an untold dimension which is far beyond the reach of science.

The heart and lungs send oxygen to the blood, and within that great river, its tributaries and streams of your life blood, oxygen becomes fire in its intricate fueling of a function. The energy burnt in the process leaves a waste residue that must be disposed of .. clogged rivers, streams and springs, silt up the system. If the toxin stream is heavy, it clogs the liver and the kidneys, skews the pancreas and the gall bladder If the system is kept clean this cannot occur.

When introduced to the human body, the synthetic isolates (Pharma Pills and Tablets) are mirror image molecules which are literally man made disasters, man made shapes with strangely distorted arms and legs and misshapen heads that confuse and usurp the bodies bio-repair crews by deception.

The synthetic racemates (left and right hand mirror images) are mirror images .. these foreign molecules are from another universe, but the similarity to the original is enough for them to gain entry to every nook and cranny of the body. We are quite aware of the danger and destruction of an asteroid impact. On the scale of these molecules within the human system the same analogy applies.

"Selectivity is never absolute, even a highly selective drug is likely to react with some structure other than the one for which it has been designed. Absolute lack of toxicity is an impossibility because absolute selectivity is a chemical impossibility"

Professor Ren� Dubos

In times past, and to the present day. the Spring Clean is a time honored ritual wherein the keeper of the sacred fire would rouse her brood with ringing cries .. awake! .. awake! you winter sluggards, the sun has returned. Sluggish mouths agape for spoons of castor oil or an infusion cup of senna pods. There were other purgatives and laxatives by the dozen. (Apologies to Dylan Thomas) Then came the inevitable griping guts and hurried scurries, and the revolt of the liver until what had become winter grimy and wrinkled, was once again cleaned starched and ironed.

In times past we each ate the products of the season, fish, meat and fowl, vegetables and fruit so our digestive organs cycled with the seasons. But times have changed, for with the re-ordering of supply lines, our seasonal foods, the ones that were in tune with our system have been dislocated. For one may eat exotic summer fruits in winters depth.

Summer stones thrown into the intricate workings of our wintertime bodies.

Early day horticulturists with sheltered cultivations, glass domes and horse manure fuelled hotbeds, augmented the spring time Sun and forced the early appearance of spring salads upon the dining table. Raw and tasty young and fresh and sweet and sour to sweep away the residues of the winter blight.

A daily bowl of root leaf and flower in their season needs no deep philosophical reason,
common sense at once apparent, in the underlying adjustment to the season.

The young fresh bitter herbs (Tonic) Dandelion, Plantain, Chickweed Nettle and Fumitory are amongst many Spring offerings from the wild. This continues through the season and to your daily salad, add a mixed handful of the salad herbs. Let them be washed, chopped and tossed with a light dressing of Cider vinegar to which a little honey water and olive oil has been added. Olive oil and honey is a tonic supreme for the overworked morbid liver and the malingering kidneys. Then see the sparkle return to the eye and rolls of spare flesh that melt and once again the skin becomes elastic. Do it by the season as they slowly roll over you, naturally and gently.

If you are badly out of sorts then a more strenuous approach is required with the rewards commensurate with the effort. Remember also .. what took you 10 or 20 years to build cannot be demolished and carted away in a day. It takes time and patience. Good health never came out of a pill bottle, as many have found out too late. Do not neglect the seasonal cycles of your body and take with gratitude those gifts of seasonal foods that nature freely provides. These things should not be neglected, but neither should one overdo things, be gentle and caring of yourself.

When fresh fruit and vegetables are consumed either together or one following the other quickly .. they can .. for many people, cause a digestive disturbance. One should allow 30 minutes between each. Cooked fruit and vegetables are modified by the cooking and therefore produce a lessened physiological reaction.

If your digestive system is in good order you stomach will precisely and automatically provide the correct strength of hydrochloric acid for the type of food being masticated, chewing your food to a slurry sends the right message to the stomach in good time. If a child is left to its own devices there is a tendency to consume one type of food at a time. This is instinctive and in line with the stomach acid requirements. If eating meat they nearly always leave it till last. Vegetables first, Starch next then the meat, thus the stomach acid requirements are raised in natural increments from weakest to strongest. It is well that we remember that although the digestive organs of the respective races appear identical they undoubtedly differ from each other in the strength of the acids and ferments produced to handle the staple foodstuffs..

Unfortunately many people have also forgotten how to chew and now can only bite and swallow. It is this habit which lies at the root of many digestive problems. The stomach has no time to produce the correct solvent. The market for ant-acids is very large and growing. After a couple of years of ant-acids then the surgical problems appear with a vengeance .. this because of the masking of the symptoms of the underlying problem.

Many people, generally do not pay much attention to food combining unless it is Ketchup with everything. Food Combining is an art. For if one is skilful your food may become your medicine. Then the need for those dangerous pharmaceutical ant-acids will fall away. The ant-acids account for nearly 20% of the hospital admissions each year.

Forensic Ecology versus Diagnosis.
Forensics and in particular medical forensics is made use of in many arenas. Generally the evidence is produced traditionally from microscopic evidence. However as Paracelsus said, "All that is within can be known by that which is without." We have a living body and Nature to observe, and the skin is one of the prime evidences of underlying disorder(s). Forensics �in vivo� (in life) without a microscope.

It seems to be instinctive of both sexes .. when fever is suspected in a child .. there is the almost automatic placing of the palm of the hand on the forehead of the ailing child .. this to test the skin/brain temperature, because a fever of the brain is serious. The Brain sits at the apex of the organ hierarchy and consumes the most resources in order to function efficiently.

Orthodox diagnosis is comprised of associating a group of symptoms with a name for example .. Chicken Pox .. The question to be asked of course .. in what degree are these symptoms similar? .. will the same aetiology (cause) manifest in a different form in different people, tribes or nations? I feel that the Pleomorphic organism is sufficient reason to raise serious question marks over the orthodox approach. Perhaps we need to ask .. what does the disorder that provides the malaise of Chicken Pox arise from?

So the natural healer is not really into naming a disease .. but rather of allowing Nature to correct the manifest disorder that is causing distress by the use of herbs and diet. Herbs may be used for symptom relief but must be used very sparingly.

Your inner ecology from atom to organ and its condition is mirrored by the outer sheath your skin hair and nails. Beneath that skin there is a garden and it will grow whatever we plant. It will produce heavy crops of disease or bumper crops of health.

The macro appearance of the eyes, the feel of the hair, is the breath sweet? Is the skin elastic? What are the hands and feet like? .. pay particular attention to the digits and especially the nails. What sort of symptoms are they displaying? Even a visual sample of a stool or urine can be most revealing. The tongue is another prime indicator of problems. These outward signs are the symptom of the underlying problem. Which may be a problem on top of a problem, so all must be approached rather like an onion, peeling off one skin at a time.

Of all these things, the one technique that reveals the root of problems is the Iris. The Modern Science and Art of Iridology is still in its infancy. However there is good reason to believe that a form of Iridology was practiced in ancient Babylonia (present day Iraq). Iridology is not about diagnosing disease it is about assessing the degree and severity of organ system disorder as revealed by the living iris. I will publish a tutorial on Iridology as time permits.

Sex, Age, Month of Birth these are essential if one wishes to exercise judgment. But remember the different ages, different sexes plus twelve solar types, this is compounded by racial idiosyncrasy. And each one of us unique. Such a mass of complexity is beyond the reach of our most powerful computers. To this we must compound further complexity � our biosphere is contaminated from top to bottom with noxious chemicals, heavy metals, hormones and other endocrine disturbing substances. perhaps it may be a little premature to speak of diagnosis especially if we add climate change to the stew. I can envisage desktop medical dictionaries will soon be running in 3 and 4 volume sets.

The New England Journal of Medicine reported several years back, that a major teaching hospital in the USA was boasting that around 50% of their diagnoses had proved to be correct on autopsy .. that is no more than a toss of a coin. To continue down our current orthodox medical path will be a disaster of many consequences.

So what is to be done? I will give a case history, from that you must draw your own conclusions, but first a little background.

I am a traditional herbalist by root (40 years), with a keen and abiding interest in the pharmaceutics employed, Galenic, Homeopathic and Spagyric. By experience I practice classical naturopathy and use Iridology as my light of direction. Herbs I use for first aid, to bring a condition under control .. then in combination with diet for nudging an organ system into a higher level of homoeostasis. Never more than one herb at a time. Other herbs can then be used singly as corrective or magisterial as required.

The term �Tonic" means corrective. A magisterial is a specific or the herbal arrow.

A Layman�s Case History: Incipient Dementia.
The Name and some personal details have been changed for privacy reasons.

I have used the term Incipient Dementia; Dementia is a generic term. Orthodoxy has defined different types of dementia .. It is important that we understand that organic disorders of the brain and the subsequent disorders displayed .. is different to what is classed as criminally insane (subject to medical restraint). However at the root of all these disorders is a single cause, that of a deficiency of a vital mineral(s) the esteemed Linus Pauling PhD championed the concept that a deficiency lay at the root of all disease. This position is fundamental to Classical or Neo Naturopaths. It must be understood that perhaps the sufferer may have the deficient mineral in adequate amounts but for one reason or another (chemical or hereditary) the desperately needed mineral is no longer bio-available to the body because of acidosis.

That a single mineral .. and that in minute amounts � could cause such far ranging and devastating effects for a sufferer may seem far fetched. The needed mineral would be the precursor of many more very complex structures (see the Chlorophyll molecule in the Pharmageddon Herbal) the complexity of our blood .. both of which are grouped around a mineral. For blood it is iron. Not any old iron of course, but rather Iron that has first passed through the body of a plant. In this manner the minerals are predigested by the plant for our use. Women who are using hormones for birth control or menopause will benefit greatly from drinking on a regular basis a cup of nettle or horsetail tea. In preganancy a regular cup of Raspberry Leaf tea may be added to the bone building silica from nettle and horsetail which is a precursor to calcium.

John Doe. Male. Middle aged.
Height. 175cm. (5 � 7�″) Weight. 63.5kg. ( circa 140 lb or 10 stone)
Eyes: Blue. Physical Appearance. Slim/wiry.
Ethnicity. New Zealand of European descent.

I first met John in 2003. He was one of those millions that have been told, �Keep taking the pills�. I had noticed that he had his head in his hands and was obviously in distress. He was experiencing severe headaches with an increasing regularity, that made him feel as though his head was in a slowly tightening vice. That is how we came to work with one another. Some background to Johns problem. He initially worked for a long period as a garage mechanic. He then found himself forgetting not just dates and names, but how to do things. Alarmed he went to a Homoeopath. The Homoeopath called for a heavy metals test to be performed from a lock of Johns hair.

From the analysis the homoeopath noticed that he had high levels of Mercury in his body and also noted that he had three mercury fillings from old dental work. Mercury (Hg) is a Neuro-toxin. There were various other contaminants that appeared rather high but against this must also allow that everyone is different. (biological idiosyncrasy)

John reported, that each time a filling was replaced with a less objectionable material, that he was cycling through highs and lows of mood and clarity, which would then cease and he would find himself on a better level of health. However this was only of short respite because his condition from the standpoint of orthodox medicine seemed to be degenerative. In other words they have read the signs, usually from a book. The prognosis is always thumbs down when the damage to the nervous system becomes severe.

The only thing on offer for a sufferer is palliative medicine to lessen the worst of the symptoms, until full blown dementia and tardive dyskinesia (loss of body functions) arrives .. this as a symptom of the orthodox drugs taken. This all requires expensive institutional care and let us forget the dishonest piffle about informed consent or whether to turn off life support machines etc.

This is a disgraceful state of affairs and it is perpetrated in every country that operates this Western approach to surgery, medicine and care. Even the ethics of life and death have been codified. It has reached the stage where the individual must fight to retain ownership rights of their own mind and body.

Since this tutorial was first written, Science has pronounced that the condition of folded proteins and neural tangles in the brain � and which are typical on autopsy in cases of dementia � are reversible � with the proviso that the condition has not progressed too far.

This of course validates the truth of the Naturopaths assertions. For more information on this then one must peruse the Harry Benjamin N.D. articles which are to be found in the self help section of the main site library.

The Approach
A quick appraisal of Johns physical and nutritional status. Skin, tongue, fingers, palms, nails and hair. Finally his eyes. His diet was the usual mix of supermarket items most of which had been convenience processed. This is an important point because such foods are lacking that natural spark of life. As may have been expected in such matters he was mal-nourished and lacking in certain vitamins and minerals that are necessary for smooth functioning. The disorder was 2 or 3 points above Scurvy .. his skin was very dry and hair coarse and brittle ( Fresh Fruit, lots of it. ) His nails were vertically furrowed on one hand and horizontally furrowed on the other. This difference between the left and the right side finger nails indicated that the ANS was involved (Autonomic Nervous System) The ANS is not under our direct control. The brain consumes almost 75% of the bodies oxygen supply via the blood. If insufficient blood is flowing due to blocked or furred channels .. an oxygen deficiency occurs. Oxygen is the precursor of fire .. the energy required to facilitate a bodily function .. block oxygen off ..and the area that was being fuelled simply closes down.

 Johns Iris examination:
Both eyes showed most distinctly the fogging so evident in a clogged and toxic body. Just like a car that badly needs an oil change. Most prominent of his iris signs was what is known as the scurf rim. This surrounds the iris where it joins the white of the eye (sclera) rather like a frame around a picture. It was heavy dark slate on its innermost rim bleeding into a dirty grey where it met the sclera. Its depth of penetration into the iris circle led me to fear some kind of nerve damage.

Whilst considering the information that I had gleaned, the fact that John had been a vehicle mechanic loomed large in my thoughts, with ones head under the hood of a car with a warm engine for a few hours .. month in and month out. He would have been absorbing myriad kinds of toxic and carcinogenic gases. Most of these molecules would have passed through the blood/brain barrier Any one of which could have triggered the body and brain to physiologically start to malfunction.

Just one little foreign molecular trigger in the wrong place. A little trigger that tripped lots of other little triggers. Little by little the brain was shutting itself down. Rather like a leaf turning from green to yellow to brown as the tree closes down for winter. I would need his utmost cooperation and trust in the matter if I were to offer guidance.

John said �he would give it a go�. The first task lay in getting his system cleaned out. A three fold mission.

1. Take the strain from his organs of elimination.

2. Provide a much needed boost from a good spectrum of vitamins minerals and enzymes in their raw state.

3. The cleansing that is initiated clears the eye of the fogginess and one may see at depth the layers of the iris to gain a better appreciation of the inner conditions e.g. acute - chronic - degenerative.

So we commenced.
24 hour water fast followed by a 48 hour organic vegetable juice fast. During this process he passed much strong brownish urine and also passed dry faeces in pellets. The urine became tinged with the beetroot juice. This boost from the raw vitamins and bio-chelated minerals (passed through the body of a plant) and the live enzymes validated the process for him and galvanized him to push on. In addition it gave me chance to re-examine his eyes in better detail.

If we say that 12 o�clock on the iris is the meridian then 11,12.and 1 o�clock is the area which is called by the Homoeopaths, �The Mentals�, it represents the brain and its functions.

The radius of the iris on the meridian at that point was depressed, whilst also showing a high degree of stress (inflammation). The pupils were off centre. Not unnaturally all of the other organs of the body were also affected (out of kilter) to a greater or lesser degree. There was a large lodgment of what could have been either iron or iodine (I am still not sure) in the solar plexus area and a smaller lodgment in the spine. (Vert. 9 -10) His internal environment was in great disorder. The condition would need to be halted to allow sufficient time for the natural processes to clean out and commence to repair the damage.

The complexity of which was quite beyond me. Nature would have to do the job! Give her the right tools and she can. This means Nature Cure. His diet would need to ensure that his body remained in an alkaline condition whilst exposing himself to full spectrum live nutrients. Healthy blood has a pH of circa pH7.4.

Because of the toxic body load that he was already carrying it was important that it was not added to, by items of his diet. A meatless diet (growth hormones in the meat) and low in dairy products unless organic. (antibiotics in such products) Organic fresh fruit and vegetables in season, bean sprouts, avocado, nuts, olive oil and honey lemon juice and sea salt and some black peppercorns, circa 6 slices of quality whole meal bread with a minimum of butter each day. This was all fortified by a minimum 500ml of fresh vegetable juices. For liquids, boiled water with a squeeze of lemon and a pinch of ginger if required, vegetable juices and the odd cup of beverage herb tea as required these tisanes are simple methods of treating most if not all of any symptoms that may arise. Peppermint, Chamomile, perhaps Linden or Elderflower. Only one herb for any symptom, no mixing.

I would see him on a weekly basis. He would give me his weekly report and I would examine his eyes and his physical condition. I was witness to a slow but sure miracle. However miracle is the wrong word ..because orthodoxy taught me that organ regeneration is not possible .. Here was Nature .. doing what she does best right before my eyes. And what is more .. Nature can do 1 billion all at once .. Amazing!

During the course of our meetings we used 3 interventions. I no longer possess the facilities to manufacture my own medications therefore we relied on outside sources. I was not able to source nettle or horsetail due to seasonal limitations and non availability of dried herb of sufficient quality. Therefore we resorted to Homeopathic silica made from granite.

1. Homoeopathic silica 6x (Silicea - 6x).(HC3) This was first intervention and the intention was to brush out anything lurking in nooks and crannies. Dosage again as stated on the container.

2. Extract of Burdock (Lappa) (1:5) dosage as per the suppliers instructions. At this stage John was putting in considerable work at Natures behest and the kidneys needed a tonic diuretic. At the same time Burdock is also diaphoretic which is an agent that facilitates the clearing of the lungs another powerful organ of elimination.

3. Dandelion (Tarax) 1:1. It is a bitter supreme and universally available. It is liver cleansing and tonic, which sets the organs of elimination in natural motion. Again this is taken as a tonic. The point being to give nature a helping hand as observed from the iris readings.

My tools are a hand glass and a pen torch. I do not have pictures to show you

To this we also added cold showers and a good body scrub to stimulate the near surface capillaries cleaning out rubbish and bringing fresh oxygen the skin. In addition it is very stimulating for the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system and its nodes are literally �Moon River� a slow moving mighty river that contains organic processing plants along its length. It flows around the Cosmos of your being. Each organ system would appear like a great galaxy to a single cell in another organ system.

The lymph is strongly influenced by the moon and flows slowly and rises and falls in a similar manner. Note well when the moon is waxing and waning, because that is the time the lymph starts to process at a higher rate. The lymphatic system is a natural laboratory that performs feats of chemistry which are unattainable at our present state of knowledge.

A major task is to purify the blood and carry away the waste. Hence the Silica 6x. A helping hand for Nature. However far better that one obtains the silica from a plant source It is bio-chelated which means that when its little hooks have ensnared its target then the silica with its load may be safely eliminated without lodging in the system. If it is bio-chelated e.g. horsetail or nettle, the Biochemist Dr Kevran, has demonstrated that such silica is the prime mover in the calcium cycle and promotes healthy bones.

After the aforementioned shower a little quiet time with a minimum of 5 to 15 minutes meditating on the ingoing and outgoing breath. This is a splendid exercise. With far reaching benefits. Firstly it helps to oxygenate the blood and secondly it will stop the mind racing from one task to the next. This release of mental tension has a tonic effect on the physical body, and its natural processes and functions. Every evening and or morning, a minimum of a 1km walk. Whilst Johns body was getting back up to speed much toxic waste was being removed and his body was in its eliminative phase. The exercise facilitates the removal of toxic and waste matter. Nature at work and making ready the means for the first of the healing crisis.

These crisis are best described as the bodies major dump of lodged toxins at each stage of the process. If the condition is deep seated there will be more than one of these healing events. It is most important that the guide participate fully with moral support and encouragement of the efforts of the individual for this is slow process in human time, and for the individual it is not without its discomforts. Bear this in mind. At this point in time Johns eyes were perfectly clear and we seemed to be chasing those red brown lodgments from the solar plexus around various organs of his system but as yet no sign of the healing crisis, or shall we call it a major dump of arterial gunk. This took almost 8 months.

John came for our regular Sunday meeting, this time he looked awful, his first healing crisis had commenced. Prior to this meeting he had cleaned up his system so that both eyes were readable at depth, and the improvement of his general condition was most noticeable, his nails and skin had improved tremendously. John was still undergoing a lessening of effect and duration, of his head pain and clamping. If you can picture a sheet of window glass that has had a generous ladle of whitewash poured along its upper edge. Jagged runnels and some longer than others, draining at the bottom then you will have an idea of what I saw with my hand glass and torch. This commenced in the mentals area and was draining downwards towards his digestive system as seen in the eye. Extreme activity.

It is my experience that various iris signs manifesting in different individuals can mean different things. Everyone is unique. Although Iridology is a Science it is much more an intuitive art. So as witness to the changing conditions within Johns eyes, my understanding was as follows. Anyone who has had to clear a blocked drain will understand the process perfectly. I believe that the arterial and capillary structure that feeds the brain had become furred with a plaque of some kind, look inside your kettle, that sort of stuff in the brain would be bound to cause mayhem. The damaged proteins of his brain structure were folding in one on the other and closing down. If this is not addressed the morbid body will seek a workaround .. and oh what a tangled web the brain spins and weaves its knots and tangles .. as it tries to perform its function. I was witness to the removal and the draining of the arterial plaque and gunk. I was witness to the unfolding or replacement of the damaged proteins and neural pathways that had become distorted. The observed inflammation denotes activity .. in this case a healing sign.

Nature has worked this remarkable event. The breaking down and removal of the toxins, the replacement or repair of damaged structures, then the re-ordering of his system. Over the following week the iris gradually lost its inflamed condition and commenced to move to a more even colour and his body and its mental faculties moved onto a higher level of homoeostasis.

Nature has done this. It took a number of months. Which I believe matched the age or complexity of the disorder.. Nature halted the progression of the malady and then reversed it. John is still not 100% but he may rest assured that nerve regeneration is underway. The headaches no longer occur.

John understands completely for he has used his own body as the crucible and is now becoming an expert on the inner workings of that body, and how it changes as it cycles through the seasons. John also practices a regular weekly 24 hour fast and as the occasion demands a 3 day vegetable juice fast if he wishes to initiate change within his system. In that sense John is on the way to becoming a Master within his own realm. For he has gained knowledge of such things that are not to be obtained within the portals of academia.

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