Damianas Herbarium. Year 1


The images represent the work that Damiana undertook in 2005 in Pursuit of the 3 year Diploma in Herbology.



Diploma Status requires 3 years work (60 credits) and of necessity involves 50% practical work. A 2 year certificate in Herbology requires 30 credits and is of a theoretical nature, but entitles the holder to teach or run seminars on the system outlined. Prior experience accepted for waivers on specific modules. This may be of an Academic nature but more importantly based on ones personal experience



For the Herbarium 4 specimens were identified and dried in a flower press, so that the specimen is mounted straight from the press onto stiff cardboard and labeled. Therefore the results will depend upon how well the plants were arranged before pressing. I consider this to be excellent first year work and sets the standard for other students.

The organoleptic Impressions are to be found here

Image 1.


Laying out the specimens.


Image 2.


The specimens mounted and labeled. These may be framed or indexed in a collection for academic usage. If the mounted specimens are exposed to direct sunlight they will quickly bleach white. The bleaching takes a while longer in subdued light.


Image 3.


The detail which is readily perceived by the naked eye may be considerably enhanced by the use of a pen torch and a hand glass with a magnification of Minimum 4x to 10x such fine specimens would be of great value academically.


Image 4.


Image 5.


Image 6.


To be continued.

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