Damiana: Year Two
Spring Orientation. Tutorial 2.

Vanilla Flowers.

Greetings Damiana,

The Current Medical/Social Paradigm.

Many years ago in the times of flower power, a number of interesting books in paperback were published. Amongst them Malcolm Sargent�s .. �Battle for the Mind. And Stanley Milgram�s .. Obedience to Authority. These two books touched upon matters vital to all of us .. if we value our personal freedom and that of others.

Today the subject matter of those books is a reality .. that reality was shaped by The Cinema and TV and to a lesser extent, the print media.. All of which carry subliminal messages. The individuals perception is coerced by the Corportocracy. lobby groups whose sole task is to suborn the legislature. They are very well funded.

St Ignatius of Loyola (1491- 1556) with St Francis Xavier founded the Jesuits (Society of Jesus) Loyola said .. "Give me the child until he is 7 and I will show you the man". TV, Media, Kindergartens, Play Schools, State schools, Private schools. Yes, they certainly have our children in the Loyola position.

I would like you to image yourself as a sausage going through the mincing machine to be finally extruded at the other end .. completely homogenized .. and then imprisoned in a membrane .. rather like the cocoon of a butterfly� except sausages do not metamorphose into butterflies.

Many of us are so harried and stressed, there is no time to ask the questions .. what am I doing? What is happening?. Am I happy?. Some attempt to rupture that butterfly cocoon .. and many succeed. The I-Ching (The Richard Wilhelm Edition) .. Hexagram 48 sums the situation up in a few sentences. ..

Hexagram 48 .. Ching : The Well.

" However men may differ in disposition and education. The foundations of human nature are the same in everyone. And every human being can draw in the course of his education from the inexhaustible well spring of the divine in mans nature.

But here likewise two dangers threaten. A man may fail in his education to penetrate to the real roots of humanity and remain fixed in convention � a partial education of this sort is as bad as none � or he may suddenly collapse and neglect his self development ".

The I Ching or The Book of Changes

The Richard Wilhelm translation and rendered into English by Cary F, Baynes.
With a foreword by C.G. Jung.

A common phrase .. � Lived a life of quiet desperation� .. The butterfly is still within, this despite the experience of the homogenizing sausage machine .. It�s the homoeopathic effect.

Consequently people tend to suffer with what is known as � Cognitive Dissonance �. This is similar to the conflicting ripples in a pond when things are thrown into it. The conflicting messages from ones personal autonomy and those of the imposition of control, causes us to become confused on very deep levels. The brain becomes confused and slips into an area where our natural discrimination is in neutral. �Obedience to Authority� as Stanley Milgram would have it.

In such circumstances the road along which we will be herded is already mapped out for us. Then Society commences to express herd behavior .. Morning and Evening Rush Hour .. Regular breaks for grain and water .. Monday to Friday .. Month in and month out .. this on top of trying to manage ones daily life and care for family.

We become prime candidates for corporate manipulation via the legislature .. this by which ever power structure wishes to exploit the people, and for whatever reason. For example, the medical power structure and the nature of that structure is shown here ..

Ivan Illich with penetrating vision foretold the future. The figures are the truth about the system. We are abused by our Masters and we no longer own our own body.

If you take a long slow look around you, then you cannot be fooled. The corruption is like a fungal disease with mycelium penetrating deeply into the social psyche. Ivan Illich wrote a social critique called ..� Medical Nemesis " .. Its publication caused a ripple or two, and was even commented on by the British Medical .Journal. Unfortunately, the book was treated like a trench warfare blanket � Take it off .. shake the fleas off .. hang it out to dry .. then wrap it around again .. No attempt was made to cleanse the fatally flawed medical paradigm that is the frame work of the current orthodox medical system.

So it is good to know who it is that oppresses one. You will clearly understand, the Herbalist .. is something to be .. The guardian of many thousands of years of knowledge with the responsibility of passing it on to future generations. Herbalism is a finely honed survival tool. Remember what Paracelsus has said about �Speculative Knowledge�. It is also well to remember .. �suffering is not weighed in coin�. So when you give .. it must never be less than your best.

This year we will proceed with Chapter/Modules 8 � 9 � 10 and 11 .. that is worth 20 credits. The possession of your glass ware now allows you to proceed in the processing of last years harvest.

Extractions would normally be done directly after the Harvest/Dehydration and the further processing of the tinctures and extracts would take place in the New Year. These rhythms occur naturally in accord with the time. In your third year you should be fully synchronized.

Now consider your current position � Nature provided the raw materials and you will by art fashion them with your glassware.

The Remedy is nothing but a seed which you must develop into that which it is destined to be.


Therefore you have sown your first seeds of Independence. This coming year will be busy for you. However all will be easily accomplished as you get closer to the goal. There is much pleasure when Nature is your teacher. I am pleased to facilitate that for you, and look forward to the journey.

Ivor Hughes.
Auckland. New Zealand. April 2006.

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