Astrology and Herbal Spagyrics.

Tutorial 6 Year 1.

The diagram is taken from Lancelot Hogbens splendid book called Mathematics for the Million. Times have changed and the wheel of the millennia rolls on. The genuine astrologers use various house wheels when setting up a horoscope in an attempt to correct Sun sign anomalies which are part of the changing patterns of the visible cosmos. As a system it is very old and in need of modernizing. Much work has been accomplished in the field of Western Astrology but there is still much to be done.

What has been uncovered is a very sophisticated system of Cosmic Rhythms that affect the individual at every level of their being. We are not just bathed in air and water .. we are also bathed in magnetism. These magnetic fields are in a constant state of flux due to the rising and setting of the planets and the background stars.

Science is currently the religion of the moment. But think back to the time of the Henges, Pyramids and the great Earth Works and the purpose for which they were built. Then think of organized religion of whatever manifestation and understand how it was superimposed on the old beliefs and in turn how the organized religions were usurped by science. Great battles of the mind. First one had the upper hand and then the other. None of these systems of thought are wrong, they all contain those little gold nuggets of truth and knowledge. Man supposes, God disposes to the compost of history.

The only time any of these systems of thought are wrong is when they try to deny the foundations or the shoulders upon which they stand. When they are in denial, then they do this by trickery, fraud, and if necessary by oppressive legislation, violence and imprisonment .. this in order to suppress the heretic. No system of thought is free of these fatal flaws. Least of all Science.

Astrology in its purest form is the study of Cosmic rhythms. In its more sophisticated form it relates those great cosmic cycles to the smaller cycles of mankind and nations. And then even more refined, the cycles are related to the level of the individual. The 12 Solar types are a psychological and physiological classification, before which, one must stand in awe. An astounding feat of human observation and reasoning power.

Newspaper Sun sign astrology is a desecration of the ruins of a great overarching scheme of the Cosmos. The outline of which has been lightly sketched in by Rodney Collin and his 'Theory of Celestial Influence'.

How does Astrology relate to Spagyrics? The Spagyric medicine of Paracelsus is related to Astrology in the manner which I have attempted to outline in Module 12. This by the relationship of higher and lower order of Cosmos. From the Sun to the Cell as follows; Planet .. Gland .. Organ system .. Cell. The human body stands in relation to the Solar system. Each a full fledged Cosmos, albeit on different size and time scales. Each body in the Solar system has a metal attributed to it. By affinity the metals relate in sequence Gland .. Organ system .. Cell. In the realm of medicine the different tribes of healing plants have been attributed to this planet or another, e.g. herb of the Sun, herb of Mars and once again by affinity to a specific metal.

The minerals/metals form the nucleus of all biological molecules, for example blood with iron (Fe) Science threw out the baby with the bath water! but they are creeping back in, this in the form of Bio-remediation with certain crops. In all of this one may glimpse a magnificent order which is as true today as it was then. In contemplation of that one may see that if Astrology is to be reborn that it will be a great synthesis of the different systems, a global work of many dedicated people joined by the emerging global brain. The work is too great for isolated individuals working in solitude. Ego must be sacrificed in a great joint effort. Individual Astrologers have already done much work in the area of the harmonics of these great cycles, but much still remains to be done if a rebirth is to occur in Aquarius.

Mod 12, section 12.12 and Table 12.12A. Shows the relationship of the moon to a particular Constellation and then in turn to a particular Alchemical operation. Each of those operations is the subject of controversy in the Halls of Alchemian and the disputes as to meaning and method cause the sparks to fly. However that need not concern us but what is of interest is the fact that each of those named operations relate to how Nature carries out her work within biological systems from smallest to greatest. Nature carries out those operations within your body at a speed undreamt of .. building up and breaking down from fertilized ovum to decrepitude. A great miracle before our eyes. . Remember for who you work, and what your task is ... You are a Healer!

Do not waste the time of the Supreme Being with the vanity of horoscopes and the other rituals lest you find your shelves bare in the time of need. The only astrological calculation you need worry about is the position of the moon and in what month.  Nature has done the rest just remember the waxing and waning potencies when you take the plant, and when you do so it is dying, and when it is dried it is dead and mummified. But here .. and only if the drying process has been carried out correctly .. The Molecular structure is intact.

The art of Spagyric medicine lies in using the whole plant, root, leaf and flower. Remember that each part has a different drying ratio. Dissect the plants remove root from stem and leaf, and then the flower. Dry them separately. take the water obtained from the drying process and set it aside, it is an essential part of the menstruum (mercury) Think of the molecular memory of water and understand how it is related to the plant. Each plant will give you a different water, and it is essential that they are kept separate and subjected to the rotation process, this to potentise it magnetically. This is naturally distilled water and you have emulated the Planetary rain cycle. The Winchester flagons or demi-johns in which you store the water should be amber, failing this, painted with matt backboard paint and set them on a sunny shelf or window sill. Never more than half full for you must allow room for the expansion and rotation. Seal them from the air and allow them to rotate naturally by action of sun and moon until you are ready to use them. This will be in the Autumn when we commence the indoor work. From a part of the total dried material of each plant we will prepare the ethanol which is also an essential part of the menstruum.

During this time the data on your spread sheets will be invaluable .. What .. Where .. When. Do not behave like a monkey in a fruit shop, be very selective in those plants that you choose for harvest. You should gather each in its correct time and take sufficient to give you 2 or 3 kilogram of dried material. Check your drying ratios from the Pharmageddon Herbal. This first season for you is the time of making ready the means, therefore you may need to resort to the use of fresh herb or Galenic preparations for emergencies. Bear this in mind! The keyword when dealing with the plants is RESPECT! Never strip a habitat, thin the habitat and tend it as you would a garden. The plants will respond as child to parent.

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